Dear Parents/Carers

I am writing to confirm the outcome of the Name and Uniform Consultation for Branksome Heath Junior & Sylvan Infant Schools held last half term.

The process included seeking the views of the schools stakeholders; pupils, parents, staff, governors and the local community. To do this there were organised drop-ins to discuss the proposal with me, senior members of staff were available on the playground at the beginning and end of the day to discuss the proposal and an online survey was available. The survey received over 500 responses and the result showed a majority vote in favour of both a name and uniform change for both schools.

Following the outcome of the survey and as a result of discussions with parents a further survey was launched to all stakeholders asking them to vote for their favourite colour option for the new school uniform. The colour choice included various greens; green was chosen in order to reflect the trees and open spaces on both school sites and because this colour is not represented at other local schools in the vicinity of us. In total there were 821 responses with Emerald Green being the favourite colour and very closely followed by bottle green. Forest green was the least favourite.

On the 3rd April Governors met to discuss the consultation feedback from meetings, surveys and general comments and voted in favour of adopting a new school name and uniform from September 2019.

I therefore have the pleasure of confirming from 1st September 2019 Sylvan Infant School will become Livingstone Road Infant School and Branksome Heath Junior School will become Livingstone Road Junior School. The uniform will be based around an emerald green round necked sweatshirt or sweat cardigan.

We are currently liaising with a uniform supplier and will within the next 2 weeks provide you with a full uniform list and confirm details of how the uniform can be purchased. Due to the colour of the sweatshirt/cardigan we ask that all parents/carers purchase these items directly from the uniform supplier as it will be important for both schools to ensure that children look smart and are strictly following the new uniform policy.

All existing children at the school (excluded year 6 pupils and those year 2 pupils not transferring to the junior school) will be provided with a new school sweatshirt/cardigan and we will be providing details soon of how this will be given to parents.

Governors and staff are really excited that from 1st September the new school names and uniform will reflect the ethos of a ‘Primary Federation’ and how both schools are working together to ensure all our children ‘Learn Laugh Dream Grow’.

Yours sincerely

Mrs Suzy Hayward

Executive Headteacher


Many thanks for participating in the Name and Uniform Consultation for Branksome Heath Junior & Sylvan Infant Schools.


The results are IN!


We had around 500 responses. 

• 25 from staff, 

• 338 from pupils, 

• 13 from members of the wider community,

• 4 from Governors,

• 119 parents.  

It's a fairly convincing majority in favour of both motions.


Should we change our name:



Should we change to one uniform:




We've had a great many comments on the survey, thankyou, and we are currently working through them with a view to addressing some of the most recurring comments in future.


The query that has come up repeatedly through the process is the colour green. The comments have ranged across the full spectrum: from a dislike of the colour on principal, to a desire to choose a different shade. We've chosen green for a number of reasons: Firstly it's not widely used in this area, secondly, it's trading on our wonderful grounds and surroundings. 


Many thanks for participating in this consultation process.


 The Governors, Staff and Children of Livingstone Road Primary Federation.